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Email tracking explained

Email tracking refers to the practice of using technology to track the activity of an email after it has been sent. This can include whether the email was opened, when it was opened, how many times it was opened, and where it was opened from.

There are several ways that email tracking can be implemented. One common method is to include a small, transparent image in the email that is hosted on a server. When the email is opened, the image is automatically downloaded from the server, and this action is recorded by the server as an "open."

Another method is to use a special code, called a "web beacon," that is embedded in the email. When the email is opened, the code sends a request to a server, which then records the activity.

Some email clients, such as Gmail, block tracking images and web beacons by default, but users can still be tracked if they choose to enable these features or if they use an email client that does not block tracking.

Email tracking can be useful for individuals, businesses and organizations to understand how their emails are being used and to track the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

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