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GeoTrack for Gmail

With GeoTrack, you can instantly track your read emails, clicked links, geolocate your recipients and schedule your emails to be sent later


Tracking is activated by default, just send your emails as usual


Our "GeoTrack for Gmail" Chrome extension is in beta and absolutely FREE


Be instantly notified when your emails are opened and clicked on

email tracking for Gmail
GeoTrack for gmail

Geotrack any email

With "GeoTrack for Gmail" Chrome extension, your emails are automatically tracked. As soon as your email is read, we will notify you and provide you with the geolocation of the email opening. You can also track clicks on any links you have included in the body of your message.

Geotrack also allows you to schedule any email to be sent later, with optional tracking. You want to free your inbox? Use the included "Snooze" feature.

Aside from the Gmail interface, you can check all your tracked emails in real-time in your GeoTrack Dashboard.

GeoTrack works with Gmail and Google Apps for Work (Gsuite).

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Useful Benefits

GeoTrack: Email tracking made simple

Track read emails

Get instantly notified when your outgoing emails have been read

Track clicks on any links

Get instantly notified when the recipient clicks on your links

Device detection

Detect if your email has been opened on a desktop or mobile device

Screencopy geolocation gmail tracker

Geolocation of recipients

We provide a map showing the location of the recipients when they opened your email

Schedule your emails

Schedule your emails, plan the exact delivery time and send them later

Real-time Dashboard

Check your emails statuses in one place and in real-time

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