Gmail POP3 Sync
Gmail POP Sync


POP3 Fetcher for Gmail

Gmail POP Sync is a Chrome extension that allows you to change the settings in Gmail so that your external POP accounts fetch and synchronize faster than the default of once every hour.

With Gmail POP Sync, you can fetch unlimited POP3 email accounts with a frequency as low as one minute.


  • 1. In Chrome, download the Gmail POP Sync extension from the Google webstore
  • 2. Launch a new Gmail window, or refresh your browser if you already have it open
  • 3. That’s it, Gmail POP Sync will automatically start to fetch your POP3 accounts!

By clicking on our extension icon in Chrome, you can set your desired frequency.


Does it work with GSuite accounts?

Yes, Gmail POP Sync works with both GSuite and Gmail individual accounts.

Will Gmail Pop Sync check more than one of my POP3 accounts?

Under our “FREE for LIFE” plan, only one aleatory POP3 account is allowed. You can upgrade your account at any time to support an unlimited number of POP3 accounts.

What is the lowest frequency for checking my POP3 emails?

Under our “FREE for LIFE” plan, the lowest frequency is five minutes. You can upgrade your account at any time to support as low as one-minute frequency.

Will Gmail POP Sync continue to fetch my POP3 emails quickly when I close Gmail?

Gmail POP Sync is a Chrome extension. It only works while Gmail is open and running.

Does it work for Gmail Mobile?

Gmail POP Sync is a Chrome for desktop extension. If you wish to POP3 faster on your phone, you can leave a computer with Gmail open, and your emails will automatically synchronize on your mobile device.