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What are the benefits of email tracking for individuals and businesses?

Email tracking can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses in several ways:

1. Productivity: By tracking their emails, individuals and businesses can identify the status of their communications, such as whether an email has been read or not, and perform specific follow-up accordingly. This generally increases productivity by ensuring that important messages have been read.

2. Efficiency: Tracking emails improves the efficiency of communications by helping to determine when emails are opened and by whom. This helps identify when a message has been received and read, or if a message has been forgotten or ignored.

3. Marketing: Tracking emails can also help determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Through email open rates, businesses can identify the most effective campaigns and adjust accordingly.

4. Sales: Email tracking is also a great tool for tracking the effectiveness of sales campaigns. By recording email open rates and click-through rates, businesses can identify the best emails for converting leads into sales.

5. Customer service: Tracking email helps businesses provide better customer service by identifying which emails are read and by whom. This helps ensure that important customer service emails aren't missed.

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