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Snooze your emails in Gmail

How can I empty my inbox in Gmail?

Just use the "Snooze" feature in the GeoTrack extension for Gmail. Easily snooze any email that you'd like to have returned to your inbox at a later time. A snoozed email is the best email reminder.

This is a great feature not only to empty your inbox, but also to remind you of any email you’d like to read later.

How does the snooze feature work?

In your inbox, just select any email and click the "Snooze" button.

Snooze your email

In the snooze popup, you can select one of the preset times or enter a custom date and time for the message to be re-delivered to your inbox.

Schedule your snoozed email

Once you click the "Snooze this email" button from the popup, the email will be removed from your inbox and re-delivered at the date and time you've chosen..

Note: If needed, you can quickly access any email you've snoozed at any time by opening the "GeoSnoozed" folder in your Gmail.